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Thomas Niewulis Jr, Basic Author
Business Analysis & Modeling

Risk Management

Corporate Governance

Advisory Board Development

Planning & Implementation

Project Management

Management Communications

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Organizational Development
Working with businesses to reach their next level of opportunity.

NCDCS has traversed the spectrum of business, from startups to the Fortune 1,000, engaging with clients through the experience of Real Life Lessons Learned that drive towards excellence in developing a successful sustainable business legacy.

The information super highway is filled with more information than business leaders can assimilate and apply to daily operations. With all the hubbub of legislative activity, the need to understand risk management, corporate governance and fiduciary responsibilities is trickling down from major corporations to every size business.

How do you want your business to develop and grow?

NCDCS takes the direct approach to business that is results driven. Knowing that every business has its own personality, a whole-istic approach is taken for business maturation.

What are the businesses concerns or needs?

Many businesses, either startups or flourishing, are attempting to better understand how to grow in a dynamic global economy. Starting with local markets and extending as far as their product or service can reach to a broader customer base.

NCDCS's extensible experience begins the process by building strong management teams ready for the global market through a clear understanding of:

* Risk Management
* Financial Statements and Modeling
* Advisory Board Development
* Market Share
* Process Management
* Internal and External Communications
* Technology Clarity and Management
* Governance Clarity

NCDCS works together with entrepreneurs and seasoned executives to quickly and cost effectively develop the business's sustainable success and legacy.

The NCDCS approach to business is unique in its whole-istic perspective from Real Life Lessons Learned.

We look forward to having a chat soon!

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